There's No Such Thing As Problems.

Only Situations.

Learn the secret to Unleashing Your Full Potential.

Imagine how good it would feel to transform your self doubt into confidence, turn your anxiety into inner peace and limiting beliefs into unlimited potential”

Aren't You Tired Of Getting In Your Own Way?

Doesn't it get old? Always struggling to achieve your goals? How long have you been living with those old limiting beliefs, unable to break free from their grip and constantly being held back by your own self-doubt?

What If You Stopped Letting Fear Hold You Back?

Imagine what your life would be like free from the weight of anxiety and self-doubt you've been carrying around. Imagine a life where you feel confident, empowered, and in control of your own destiny and emotions. How much more could you achieve?

Don't Let Fear And Self Doubt Hold You Back Any Longer

As A Board Certified Hypnotist, I've dedicated my career to helping people like you overcome their fears and anxieties so they can achieve their full potential. I've worked with countless clients who have struggled with limiting beliefs and self doubt, and I've seen firsthand the transformation that is possible with hypnosis and my "subconscious coaching."

You don't have to face these challenges alone, and I can help you overcome them.

When you are ready to let go of that fear, that guilt, that shame, that anger, all that pain that has been keeping you stuck - simply book a discovery call with me and let me show you that there's no such thing as problems, only situations.


Stress & Anxiety

Imagine just how good it is to feel the freedom and sense of accomplishment that comes from living a life where you can perform daily tasks and spend time with your friends and family, free from excess stress so you can be present and in the moment

Self-Confidence and Imposter Syndrome

Self-Confidence is an essential part of creating a stable, fulfilling, and meaningful life. It allows us to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.

Bell's palsy and

My own experience with Bell’s Palsy and Synkinesis is what led me to becoming a hypnotist. I am passionate about helping people recover emotionally and physically from the effects of Bell’s Palsy and Synkinesis with weekly group hypnosis sessions.

Quit Smoking

Imagine how wonderful it would be not to have your life revolve around the need for your next cigarette. No more self-consciousness about the lingering smoke odor on your clothes, your hair, and your hands.

Weight Loss

Stop trying to lose weight and start gaining health! Imagine feeling in control of your eating. Imagine letting go of emotional eating and snacking out of boredom. Imagine being deliberate and consistent with your approach to food and exercise.


Workshops and Hypnosis Training

Learn more about my upcoming UK Hypnosis Academy Diploma training, Kinetic Shift Practitioner training, as well as my classes and workshops for Self-Hypnosis, Letting go of heavy emotions, goal setting for success and more!


Mimi W

Evan Baumgardner helped me in 4 sessions remove major blocks in my ability to advance my business. He is thorough, personable and moreover has amazing techniques of hypnosis that I had never encountered before. I highly recommend Elliott Bay Hypnosis and Evan Baumgardner! A+ all the way!

Camille B

Evan was so wonderful to work with remotely! Our sessions were smooth and relaxing. His personal experience and education with hypnosis makes him such a caring provider. I was shocked to see changes after just one session with him!! I completed a 5 session package with Evan which I highly suggest. The 5 session package is critical to ensure you learn and reiterate the work Evan does with you. Thank you Evan!

Liz S

I don't know how it works, but I can finally fall asleep in about 10 minutes for the first time in my life, ever. My Apple Watch has an actual stair step where the graph for sleep analysis shoots up. It starts with the first visit to Evan. I highly recommend his service!

Hi! I'm Evan

In 2014, I had Bell's palsy, and things never went back to normal. I had basically given up on life. My anxiety went through the roof and I would have constant panic attacks any time I went out in public, so I quit going out. I barely ever saw my friends, became agoraphobic, and gained a ton of weight, which of course made everything worse. I didn’t just lose all hope - I lost myself.

That was until I discovered hypnosis. Thanks to hypnosis, I was able to take back control of my life and not only regain my confidence - but dramatically increase it. The idea of having a panic attack is as foreign to me now as it was before I ever heard of the term let alone experienced one.


This is what inspired me to become a hypnotist. So I can help people avoid having to go through what I went through on my journey, and give you the tools you need to keep growing and succeeding. What I love the most about being a hypnotist is being able to help others free themselves from whatever old stories they have been telling themselves that were keeping them stuck.


My motto is “There's no such thing as problems, there are only situations.” And once you realize that, and that situations always change, you will know that there is nothing you can’t accomplish. I love to see these changes in my clients and I look forward to being a part of your journey!


Evan is wonderful and trustworthy. I wanted to reduce wine consumption and lose weight. After the first of five session over Zoom (comfortable setting in your home) I didn’t have a desire to have a glass of wine and lost 13lbs within a month . I worked out too.

I highly recommend working with Evan, I enjoyed his sense of humor and his desire to help me be my best.

Linda L


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